Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Marker Unveiled

The marker in Henry Hudson Riverfront Park, commemorating Lafayette's Farewell Tour of the country in 1824-1825, was ceremonially unveiled yesterday morning. Carrying out the unveiling were Patrice Powley Birner, past New York State Regent of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Mayor Kamal Johnson, and Julien Icher of Follow the Frenchmen and The Lafayette Trail.  

Posing with the newly unveiled marker in the picture below are (from left to right) Virginia Martin, Regent of the Hendrick Hudson Chapter of the DAR, Birner, Icher, and Johnson. 

The episode of Icher's Fellow the Frenchmen, which takes place in at Niagara Falls, provides background about Lafayette and the Lafayette Trail project. Click here to view the video.


  1. Glad to see our mayor dressed up for the occasion.

    1. It's a nice shirt, but you're the mayor. You should look the part. I'm not talking a suit and tie, but some decent pants and shirt say a lot. There's a well known expression, "The clothes make the man." Come on. Put in a little effort.

    2. This comment seems a lot like the Obama tan suit hysteria. It's silly and the commentariat here should do better... like pointing out that ceremonies like these are a great example of why we need to move to a city manager executive government. That way we actually have someone in charge, making sure the city actually runs and is a boss to useless managers like the DPW and Code Compliance Depts. That way the mayor can do what he does best, in a ceremonial role: play mayor on social media.