Tuesday, May 9, 2023

News with a Hudson Connection

The Albany Business Review reported yesterday that the owners of Common Roots Brewing Co. in Glens Falls are under contract to purchase CH Evans Brewery at the Albany Pump Station from owner Neil Evans: "Common Roots plans to expand with Albany acquisition."

Neil Evans is a direct descendant of the Evanses who for more than a century brewed beer in Hudson. The article in the Albany Business Review shares this information:
Neil Evans, the owner of CH Evans Brewery, brought his family's historic brand back to life in 1999 when he opened the brewery in the original water pump station in Albany. The original CH Evans brewery started operations in 1786 in Hudson and the company operated up until prohibition in 1920, producing as much as 65,000 barrels in 1915. CH Evans produced about 550 barrels in 2022.
In 2012, Gossips published "A History of the C. H. Evans Brewery," researched and written by Walter G. Ritchie, Jr. That history, which is recommended reading, reports that the brewery was a "thriving and prominent company in Hudson, reputedly producing he finest ales in the northeastern United States." It provides this statistic for comparison: "By 1886, the company produced 550 barrels of ale per day."

C. H. Evans & Sons Brewery, 1900-1910. Historic Hudson. Rowles Studio Collection

Neil Evans' niece, Kelley Drahushuk, is the proprietor of Spotty Dog Books & Ale, the bookstore and bar (serving Evans ale) located in the building that was constructed in 1889 as the truck house for Hudson's third fire company, founded in 1799. The fire company was renamed C. H. Evans Hook & Ladder Co. in 1868 to honor its patron, Cornelius H. Evans. 


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