Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Help Needed . . . by the City of Hudson

Get out your cell phone, a coin, and a magnet, and help the City complete its Lead Service Line Inventory.

In 2021, the Federal Lead and Copper Rule Revisions (LCRR) went into effect. The revised rule requires every federally defined community water system to develop a Lead Service Line Inventory by October 16, 2024. The inventory will serve as a basis to apply for grants to help replace water service lines that contain lead, in order to protect drinking water quality.

The City is asking the help of residents to complete the Lead Service Line Inventory by testing their water line, following the steps illustrated below, and then completing the Lead Service Line Inventory Survey, which can be found here. There is also a video, found here, that shows how the test can be done.

More information about the inventory and the survey can be found on the City of Hudson website.


  1. Hudson asks its population to carry out a lead test themselves and report back their findings? Certainly an interesting approach!

    Town of Greenport did it quite differently. They sent a guy from the water department to each house and had him inspect the main water pipe leading into the building. I reckon that Greenport's lead inventory will end up being more accurate.

  2. The Public Works Dept of Hudson should be able to tell us which lines are lead. In fact, while renovating a building several years ago, one City employee advised one of our workers, while the hook up was exposed, that all the hook ups in Hudson were lead. Why, he explained, was that it was soft and easy to work with.

    Now some of that may have changed, but i think that the City knows the answer, unless the lead has dulled their brains.

  3. How much do you suppose it cost the city for that colorful flyer? And how many homeowners ignored it? The water line sticking out of your basement wall is not solid evidence that the remainder of the service line, from the main under the street or sidewalk to the building, is made of the same material. You have to dig or use x-ray glasses to know for sure.