Saturday, January 20, 2024

Whodathunkit? It's Been 14 Years!

On January 20, 2010, The Gossips of Rivertown published its very first post. Fourteen years, 13,000 posts, and 12 million pageviews later, Gossips is still going strong. It has become a valued source for local news and history, earning the respect of many and the disdain of a few. The ability to search fourteen years of posts makes Gossips an amazing archive of Hudson's most recent past.

Today, as I do every year on Gossips' anniversary, I humbly acknowledge all the readers whose interest and loyalty have made Gossips a success and offer my profound gratitude to the generous Gossips supporters and advertisers whose monetary contributions help pay the bills. Today, too, I invite readers to celebrate fourteen years of sharing news, history, and occasional gossip about the trials and triumphs in our river city by joining those readers who have already shown their support for The Gossips of Rivertown in 2024.

For those who read Gossips on a computer, the process is easy. Just click on the "Donate" button near the top of the right column. For those who read Gossips on their phones, the process is a bit more complicated. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and touch "View web version." Then find the "Donate" button in the right column.

Your support--in any amount--will be gratefully acknowledged and will ensure the continuation of Gossips for yet another year.

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