Thursday, May 9, 2024

Mark Your Calendars

Claire Cousin, county supervisor representing the First Ward, posted the following information on Facebook yesterday:
Space Utilization Committee is meeting on May 22 at 3:30 at 401 State in the Committee Room. It is my understanding there will be updates on 11 Warren St.

Should you not already know, the Columbia County Board of Supervisors purchased the fifty-year-old, out-of-place, failed strip mall building last summer from the Galvan Foundation, with the intention of relocating the Board of Elections as well as the Probation Department, the Public Defender's office, and the District Attorney's office to the building, thus perpetuating its existence for at least another thirty years, probably more. The plan drew opposition from Hudson residents and some Hudson elected officials who objected to postponing, for another three to five decades, any hope of replacing this relic of misguided urban planning with more appropriate development for Hudson's main street and riverfront neighborhood. A petition opposing the plan is still available for signature here

The idea of purchasing the building originated with the Board of Supervisors Space Utilization Committee, and attendance at the meeting on Wednesday, May 22, at 3:30 p.m., will remind the committee that Hudson residents are not happy with that decision.


  1. Hey, we could fit at least 7 dollar stores in that structure...

  2. Tear it down and put in the Food Coop that was part of DRI.

  3. Correct me if im wrong, but didn't the county (that's us taxpayers) give Galvan $3m for that building, which it purchased for $1m just a couple of years before? --peter m

    1. Close. The county paid Galvan $3.35 million for the building; Galvan bought it in 2014 for $1.575 million.

  4. Have the Supervisors thought about the parking ?

  5. Let's not forget this humdinger of a deal. I'm thinking that perhaps some of us should start a real estate consultancy for the purpose of advising the County Supervisors...