Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Footnote to the Post About Elbert Payne

At the end of 2012, Gossips published the accounts of General Rosalie Jones and her suffragist army marching from New York City to Albany in December 1912 to deliver a petition for equal rights to Governor William Sulzer at his inauguration.

The army spent Christmas in Hudson, at the General Worth Hotel, and on her return journey to New York, General Jones stopped off in Hudson to help organize the suffrage movement here. During her visit, she was the guest of Mrs. Morgan Jones, who resided at 317 Allen Street, and on New Year's Day, General Jones held a meeting of Hudson suffragists at the home of Mrs. A. V. S. Cochrane, the wife of Judge A. V. S. Cochrane, at 437 East Allen Street.

At that meeting, a "Suffrage club" was organized, and the woman who was elected to chair the organization was Eloise Payne, the sister of Assemblyman Elbert Payne, the subject of yesterday's post. Eloise Payne was a schoolteacher who, in 1913, lived with her mother, Mrs. Horace Payne, and her brother Richard at 38 South Fifth Street.

38 South Fifth Street today

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  1. My parents, siblings and aunt all lived at 38 South 5th St from the mid-1950's until my parents passed away in 2004-05.