Sunday, July 27, 2014

Not to Be Missed

On his blog Word on the Street, Scott Baldinger comments on the latest architectural fashion trend in Hudson: painting houses dark gray--everything from pewter to slate to darkest charcoal gray: "Gray Is the New Orange . . . I Mean Black."

Baldinger makes one inaccurate statement, though, and he should know better, having served on the Historic Preservation Commission: "We all know about Eric Galloway's fondness for Greek Revival; less known is his proclivity to paint sometimes invaluable multicolored architectural details a uniform charcoal gray." The roofs on 416 Warren Street and 501 Union Street were not painted charcoal gray. Rather the original slate, which was not uniform in color and represented, especially in the case of 416 Warren Street, a decorative feature of the building's design, was replaced by uniform, unrelieved, and unvarying charcoal gray slate. The same thing is proposed for 356 Union Street

Long after tastes have changed and all the houses that are now dark gray have been painted some other color popular at the moment (let's hope it's not orange), the mansard roofs at 416 Warren Street and 501 Union Street will still be very dark gray.


  1. Fifty shades of gray. Gray may be the new orange but it is also an old favorite in gay decor.

  2. restoration is difficult not a job for the greedy