Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Picture from the Dress Parade

Gossips has a lot of photographs from yesterday's Hudson-Mohawk Volunteer Firefighters Association dress parade, but this is the favorite. It shows the Stillwater Fire Department's 1871 steamer. (Stillwater is in Saratoga County.)

According to the department's website, this historic piece of fire fighting apparatus was built in 1871 at the Button Fire Engine Company in Waterford, NY. It was originally purchased by the Troy Fire Department, but in 1886, it was refurbished by the Button Fire Engine Company and sold to the Stillwater Fire Department, which has owned it ever since. The historic steamer was restored in 2002 and usually resides, on exhibit, in the Stillwater fire station.

The photo of the steamer "at home" was borrowed from the Stillwater Fire Department website

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