Thursday, July 31, 2014

Unwelcome Visitors

A gaggle of Canada geese has taken over riverfront park.

The currently accepted best practice for controlling nuisance geese is dogs--border collies mostly--that are trained to chase them away. There is even such a service right here in Columbia County: Wild Goose Chase NE.

But, alas, in March, the Common Council voted to continue the ban on dogs in Henry Hudson Riverfront Park. Is there a chance an exception could be made for goose-chasing dogs?


  1. If only the city rulers were wise enough to make room rather than restrict it.

    When fishermen ruled the shore, there was room for children, dogs, geese and artists didn't need a "special dispensation" to make use of Hudson's shore...

  2. I wonder what action the Mayor will take should those geese dare to set foot in the cemetery.

    1. The cemetery already has geese, Gizmo.

  3. Border Collies love to herd . What a great solution !

  4. Thank you Joe Gallo. Since Billy said no dogs in the park does that rule out Border Collie herding of geese? With all pet dogs are ALLOWED in the park(on leashes) that would eliminate the Goose Gaggle as the Geese would be frightened away!

  5. Maybe we can hire an agency to keep the geese away - like hiring an agency to collect delinquent parking meter tickets.

  6. The restriction of dogs in our local parks and cemeteries mystifies me. There are so many other issues local officials should be focusing their energy on than a few friendly dogs mingling among us. Wasting time on such restrictions should not even be on the agenda for Hudson. Very disappointing.

  7. the geese droppings are everywhere at the waterfront park, not good for walking or kids playing about, is there a health hazard there.............

  8. Border Collies do upland, what comes natural to pointers and labs, where fisherfolk and duck hunters govern shore...