Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Little Change of Plan

"Gardening mistakes," Mrs. Greenthumbs assured readers in her first book, "are rarely very serious." We hope mistakes in planning open garden days are similarly benign.

The Mrs. Greenthumbs Day poster and map make this statement: "Donations are gratefully accepted at each garden for a 'Hedge Fund,' to restore the boxwood hedge in the pocket park across from the Hudson Opera House." That was certainly a worthy cause and one that would inspire lovers of parks and gardens to give generously. A combination of overzealous pruning, vandalism, and runoff from salt used to de-ice the sidewalk has destroyed the hedges that were so beautiful when they were first planted back in 2007.

It turns out that raising money to restore the hedge isn't going to be necessary after all.

The pocket park across the street from the Hudson Opera House has conceived and created by the PARC Foundation as the first phase of a linear park extending from Warren Street to State Street. 

Work is now underway on the part of the linear park that goes from Columbia Street to State Street, and concurrent with the completion of the park, the PARC Foundation will be retouching the original pocket park on Warren Street. On August 1, when TSL has completed its schedule of films in the park, work will begin, putting down new topsoil and replacing the boxwood hedge with plantings that are more salt resistant and will require less maintenance, and all the improvements will be financed by the PARC Foundation.

So the Mrs. Greenthumbs "Hedge Fund" needs to be redefined. It will not be used to replace the boxwood hedge in the PARC Park. Rather it will be a hedge against the ravages of neglect and abuse in all the city's parks. If something needs fixing or replacing, the "Hedge Fund" will be available to make it happen.

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