Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Coming to Fairview Avenue

Once upon a time, this little house stood at the corner of Fairview Avenue and Bayley Boulevard.

The little house had been there for a very long time, much longer than the other houses around it, but in May it was decided that the little house was in "ill repair" and needed to be torn down.

On Wednesday night, the plan to construct a four-unit apartment building on the two lots where the little house once stood came before the Zoning Board of Appeals. The building proposed would have two stories with two apartments on each floor. These are the elevation drawings of the front and back of the building.

There are some details of the design, in particular the six over one double hung windows, that seem intended to echo the Arts & Crafts design of some of the other houses in the neighborhood. Lew Kremer, the architect for the project, called the proposed use and the design "harmonious with the surrounding neighborhood," noting that there were apartments in nearly all the structures along Fairview Avenue. The project requires an area variance because the setback on one side of the lot will be less than what is required by the zoning code.

At Wednesday night's meeting, the ZBA accepted the application as complete and scheduled a public hearing on the project for Wednesday, August 20, at 6 p.m., to be followed by the ZBA's regular monthly meeting at 6:30.


  1. Where will the residents park their vehicles, possibly +8?
    Bayley Blvd. and/or Jenkins Pwy.? Not great for residents living on same.

    1. Actually, there is offstreet parking planned for behind the building, entered from Bayley Boulevard.

  2. So the story goes that the little house was purchased to 'restore' but found it too expensive , so they tore it down, to build this expensive monster?

    I don't get it ...

  3. Galloway is hogging so much housing at least someone is building apartments that seem remotely tasteful.