Thursday, July 3, 2014

Movin' On Up

The Albany Business Review released its Schools Report 2014 last Friday and in subsequent days has been rolling out the rankings of schools in the Capital Region in specific categories. Overall, the Hudson City School District ranked 80 out of 85. That's up from 82 in 2013.

That ranking is for the entire district. Hudson Junior and Senior High School did a little better, ranking 73 out of 82.

In mathematics, however, the news is pretty dismal. Based on math scores in schools at all levels, the Hudson City School District is ranked at the very bottom: 85 out of 85. 

In the number of college-bound students (this is looking at students who graduated in 2013), Hudson High School ranks a respectable 40 out of 85, with 83.8 percent of its graduates going on to some kind of post-secondary education, but only 20.51 percent are going on to four-year colleges.

In the salary of the district superintendent, HCSD ranks 55 out of 93 (it's unclear why this part of the study looks at 93 districts instead of the usual 85). Maria Suttmeier's annual salary is $140,000, and her salary and benefits together total $193,417.

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