Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Lowly Shall Be Exalted

Back in 2005, when the trustees of the Hudson Area Library bought 400 State Street, it seemed the underappreciated 1818 building had achieved what every endangered historic building needs and deserves: a purpose and an owner who wanted to be a good steward.

The optimism for 400 State Street was short lived. Six years later, the library trustees, with new leadership, sold the building to the Galvan Foundation. This didn't bode well, especially since Galvan's "special adviser" Rick Scalera delighted in opining that "a lot of retaining walls can come out of that building." 

But strangely, since Galvan acquired the building, although there have been no visible changes or improvements to the building, 400 State Street has been elevated to the level of icon. It is featured in the Galvan Foundation logo . . .

and that logo appears on a sign hanging from the building on South Third Street that once was Harmon's Auto Repair . . .

and on hoodies and T-shirts worn by Galvan work crews.


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