Monday, December 6, 2010

Allegations of Racism in HCSD

An article inspired by Greenport resident Michael Moore's allegations of racism in the Hudson City School District appeared in the print version of the Albany Times Union yesterday. Today the article appears online: "Fighting a word." It makes very interesting reading.     


  1. I surely should have listened to my mother: comb your hair before you go out! And I would have written different captions to a couple of these pictures. As in, "BOE service contributes to insanity." Oy! Too bad, though, it's a serious subject and the local newspaper (this is Albany!) -- at least the designers and editors of that paper -- proves itself more interested in.... something other than race relations at our schools. No wonder people hate the press. Oy.

  2. My comment was a bit too coy. The TU story was an admirable attempt to get at a serious problem and I hope people read it. I have two complaints: It left out mention of the recent fights at HHS and did not mention what George Bush once called "the soft bigotry of low expectations." It is the latter problem that is Hudson's greatest "racial" bugaboo, not the N word, although I'm hearing reports about bullying of Muslims....