Friday, December 31, 2010

Thurston Park in Winter

In June, Gossips reported about this little vest pocket park in the 200 block of Warren Street, which, back in 1997, Historic Hudson unofficially dubbed John Thurston Park, for the Proprietor who first owned the lot. We noted then that this elegantly simple little allée of Bradford pears had already lost one tree along its west side and a second tree was dead.

Walking on this block as we do every day, William and I have been so focused on what's happening at 226-228 Warren Street that we've completely overlooked, until recently, the fact that the second dead tree has now also been removed.

Come spring, I hope the citizens of Hudson, led perhaps by the business owners of BeLo3rd, can prevail upon the Department of Public Works to replace the two missing trees and restore the intended symmetry of this park while it is still possible to plant new trees that are of similar size to the original ones.         

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