Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Eggnog Outcome

Gossips has finally learned the outcome of the Eggnog Challenge! No surprise, the winner, by an overwhelming majority, was the white chocolate eggnog at Tommy's Luxury Nail Spa. Also worthy of mention--by Gossips, at least--were Vico's biscotti-flavored eggnog and a very traditional but delicious eggnog by J. Damiani Gallery. 

According to reports, this year was the busiest Winter Walk ever below Third Street, and it looks like the Eggnog Challenge will become a Winter Walk tradition. But with all the nogs and grogs, gluhwein and mulled cider offered below Third, Gossips all-time favorite eggnog remains the incomparably delicious concoction served up every year by Vince Mulford in his shop at 419 Warren Street. 

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  1. We're so honored that you liked our eggnog! Wishing a great holiday season to you and your readers from Mark and Adam at Vico