Monday, December 13, 2010

More About the Senior Center

After Gossips published the link to Matthew Frederick's critique of the design for the proposed senior center, Michael Sullivan of Crawford & Associates provided this clarification:

For the record it should be noted that the rendering that Mr. Frederick critiqued was prepared as part of the Small Cities Grant application package submitted this past March. The drawing was quickly developed (in less than a day and a half) by engineers and was never intended to be a "design" drawing. Furthermore, it is our intention to hire a NYS Licensed Architect (we met with two local Architects for the project this fall) as the project moves into the programming and design phases.
This is good news. (Of course, Gossips is dying to know the identity of the two local architects Sullivan mentions.) Mayor Richard Scalera has talked about soliciting input from the seniors who will use the building to guide the interior design. Since this structure will be appended to a historic building (rather brutally altered over time) in a locally designated historic district, it is hoped that recommendations about the exterior design will be sought from the Historic Preservation Commission in the upcoming design phase. 

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