Saturday, December 11, 2010

Not to Be Missed

Jo Ann Gavin, wife of high school co-principal Tom Gavin, speaks out in a letter to the editor in today's Register-Star: "Finally the truth." Although the truth for Mrs. Gavin seems to be that Steven Spicer and several witnesses lied about the incident that resulted in her husband being put on administrative leave, the only truth that's clear to this observer is that having co-principals at the high school was and still is a remarkably bad idea, and Superintendent Jack Howe who presumably came up with it and the members of the Board of Education who supported it need to recognize that they created an untenable and volatile situation.    

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  1. Well said, Carole. We surely can't hold people responsible for their spouses (can we?), but this angry letter is misplaced. I was at the BOE meeting (11/22) where the fracas that lead to the Tom Gavin suspension occurred and can say, as a witness and as a member of the BOE, that his suspension was completely justified. But you're right, the whole unfortunate saga proves the poor judgement of those who promoted the co-principal idea. --peter m.