Wednesday, December 15, 2010

More About Spicer and Gavin

Yesterday the Register-Star published a letter to the editor from Steven Spicer: "A balanced truth." It's a response to the angry letter from Thomas Gavin's wife that appeared over the weekend, and it comments on District Attorney John Hillman's judgment that led to Spicer's decision to withdraw his charges against Gavin. 

This morning, the Register-Star has an article by John Mason about the new principal appointments: "Spicer to JLE; Gavin stays at HHS." The article contains quotes from Superintendent Jack Howe and BOE President Emil Meister about the resolution to the strife between Spicer and Gavin. Howe's statements about how Spicer "desired the elementary position as part of his career" and how he will bring "great energy" to JLE raise the question: Why didn't it occur to Howe and the BOE to make Spicer JLE principal back in August when Carol Gans retired? We could have avoided paying Gans $1,000 a week for twenty-four weeks to stay in a position from which she had retired, and we could have avoided the tension and disruption--not to mention the public embarrassment to the district--created by having two men who obviously don't get along sharing the position of principal at Hudson High School.

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