Saturday, December 4, 2010

Rabid Skunks in Hudson?

Yesterday morning, a skunk was reported in the backyard of a house on the first block of Union Street. The skunk was acting sick and having trouble breathing, and some hours later the skunk was dead. This morning, another skunk in similar condition was reported in the backyard of a house on the 700 block of Union Street. In this case, the homeowner called the police. An officer arrived, confirmed the homeowner's opinion that the skunk was rabid, and shot the skunk. There's no word on what was done with the carcass, but one hopes it was sent to a lab for analysis.

If there were two rabid skunks in Hudson in as many days, there may be more. Everyone who has cats who go out or dogs who run free in fenced yards should be aware of this possible threat to their well-being.

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