Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Not to Be Missed

There are two articles of interest in today's Register-Star. First, there is Francesca Olsen's account of Fourth Ward Supervisor Bill Hughes' and Mayor Rick Scalera's reactions to the proposal to move most of the county offices out of Hudson to the old Walmart building in Greenport: "Reactions to CRC's Walmart proposal are mixed." Scalera is quoted in the article as saying, "'This is a worse idea than Ockawamick, only it's four miles closer.'" Speaking of Ockawamick, what is the county going to do with that?

There is also an article by Lindsay Suchow about last night's meeting of the Common Council Legal Committee: "Homeless plan violates city code." It turns out that the county's plan to rent 518 Columbia Street from Phil Gellert for "congregate housing" does not conform to the City of Hudson's zoning code. The article quotes a letter sent Monday from City Attorney Cheryl Roberts to County Attorney Robert Fitzsimmons: “'For the County’s information, a Transitional Service Facility is only authorized in the Residential Transitional Service Facility (R-5) District as a conditional use . . . or the General Commercial Transitional Service Facility (G-C-T) District,' subject to ZBA authorization and as permitted in city code, Roberts’ letter reads. 'Operation of a Transitional Service Facility in violation of City Code will subject the owner of the property upon which such facility is located to an enforcement action by the City of Hudson.'”

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