Friday, April 1, 2011

April 1, 1886

Today we offer some news items from the Evening Register for this day 125 years ago. One of the most interesting bits of news reported on that day was the passage of the enabling legislation to create the Fifth Ward, 101 years after the City of Hudson was founded. The map below shows the Fifth Ward two years after its creation in 1888.

Sale of Street Dirt.
The Mayor will sell the street dirt at auction to-morrow noon, at his office.

Hot Rolls.
Jacob Waterman, the baker, holds himself in readiness to supply all who desire them, with hot breakfast rolls.

Police Court Proceedings.
There was no business at Police Court to-day. Our city is very quiet, especially when we consider it is so near fishing time.

The North Side Sewer.
We direct the attention of contractors, and those interested, to the official specifications of the new sewer to be built on the "north side," to be known as the Front street and Diamond street sewer.

A Day of Reckoning.
To day, April first, is considered a day of reckoning among the farmers, and there were large numbers in the city, upon attendance at the law offices, fixing up business matters and making payments on farms, etc. The streets, however, did not show the animation that has, so frequently been witnessed in years past.

County Roads.
How people do complain of the roads throughout our county. A physician informs us that it took him over an hour and a half to reach Stottville, a distance of three miles. There seems to be no bottom to the mud, which shakes, when passed over, like a jelly.

The Fifth Ward Bill.
The Senate Committee on Cities yesterday afternoon reported favorably the bill creating an additional ward in the city of Hudson. This afternoon it passed the Senate.

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