Sunday, April 24, 2011

More About Robinson Street

At the public hearing on Thursday, someone asked how many houses in the proposed Robinson Street Historic District were owner occupied. I wasn't able to answer that question at the meeting, but using the research done by Mary Hallenback in preparing the historic district application, I will answer the question now.

Of the 56 buildings in the proposed Robinson Street Historic District, 52 of them are residences. (I'm excluding the the church and the rectory, the school, and a garage owned by the City of Hudson). Of the 52 residences, 20 (3 on North Second, 5 on North Third, and 12 on Robinson Street) are lived in full time by their owners, and 3 are owned and maintained as second homes. 

The remaining 33 houses have absentee owners, and several of those owners own multiple buildings: three people or entities own 2 buildings each, one owns 3 buildings, and another owns 6 buildings in the proposed district. With so many houses owned by absentee landlords, at least one of whom appears to be a "developer," maintaining the status quo in the neighborhood, which is what the most outspoken of the homeowners seems to want, appears to be very precarious. 

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