Wednesday, April 6, 2011

This Just In

Gossips has just learned that the court has ruled in favor of the City of Hudson in the lawsuit filed by the "North Dock Tin Boat Association, Inc.," which sought to stop the transfer of the land on which the Furgary Boat Club is located from the State of New York to the City of Hudson.


  1. Could someone explain, in plain language, what this means? Thanks.

  2. This area ia also a part of historical Hudson. My grandfather, born in 1901, recalled buying herring there for fishing as a boy. Generations have maintained the area. Larry Foster, Foster Refigerator, granted at least 10 Hudson residents land use. Families from the former Chapel Street neighborhood, Mill St,lower Union Street, Franklin Park, and West State Street enjoyed the privilege of docking their boats and hunting in the bay. Regardless of the ruling, this area has a relevant historic heritage.

  3. Look at it this way: we may lose this colorful out of the way piece of Hudson but we gain a truck route through South Bay to support an international gravel dump.