Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Confluence of Docks

John Mason has an article in today's Register-Star about a communications glitch relating to the docks project going on at Henry Hudson Riverfront Park: "Docks blindside HFD."  It seems that the plan to expand the city dock, where the Spirit of Hudson has been moored for the past decade, makes the new dock abut with an existing dock, belonging to the Hudson Power Boat Association, where the Hudson Fire Department, the Greenport Rescue Squad, and the Columbia County Sheriff's Department tie up their rescue boats. The HFD chiefs say this will make it "difficult for HFD boats to maneuver, dock or embark." It is not entirely clear who in city government has oversight of the docks project, but, although the project has been reported in the newspaper and discussed in public meetings on more than one occasion, all three fire chiefs claim never to have heard of the plan to expand the dock until last night.  

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