Friday, April 29, 2011

On the Riverfront

Jamie Larson reports in today's Register-Star that the Hudson Fire Department's problems with the dock expansion have been ironed out: "City fire dept. issues with docks are resolved." It seems that on Monday night the chiefs were looking at "old schematics that have since been revised." The article goes on to talk about Common Council President Don Moore's efforts to develop policies for managing the new docks. Dock use policy was the subject of extensive discussion at the Economic Development Committee meeting on Tuesday night, and out of that discussion came the suggestion that the Common Council establish a committee to create a harbor management plan.

On a related riverfront topic, Gossips asked Moore at the Economic Development Committee meeting about the status of the sale of the former Dunn warehouse building to Eric Galloway. The Common Council approved the sale at the beginning of the year, but so far there's been no word that is has actually happened. Moore explained that the City was waiting to hear from Galloway, who doesn't yet have a complete plan and is still talking to restaurateurs.   

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