Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Not to Be Missed

Scott Baldinger's Word on the Street commentary on last Thursday's public hearing about the proposed Robinson Street Historic District: "Preserving the Piece."

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  1. David Voorhees submitted this comment:

    Scott Baldinger has written one of the few informed opinions on the struggles of the Hudson Historic Preservation Commission. Most have expressed an opinion, many ridiculously far-fetched, as to the long history that led to the formation the Commission under Mayor Rick Scalera in 2003, or to what the commission can or can not do. This is particularly surprising in the light of the fact that the law under which the Commission operates is easily accessible on the Internet at http://www.ecode360.com/?custId=HU0410
    It is frightening how some knowingly manipulate public opinion to advance their own agendas and/or purses, particularly those in public positions, by taking it for granted that the public will never inform themselves. Please read the law.

    David William Voorhees