Saturday, April 9, 2011

South Bay Dumping Update

Yesterday, after Gossips reported that a reader had witnessed an orange and blue cement truck dumping leftover cement in South Bay, it was discovered that trucks of that description belong to Bonded Concrete, which has a location on County Route 31 in Greenport. Another Gossips reader and South Bay advocate reported the incident to the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and the Hudson Police Department. At about 5:30 on Friday afternoon, Gossips received a report that "two men with pickup trucks, pickaxes, and shovels" were removing the cement from the marsh.


  1. Peter Wurster found the owner of the property where the concrete was laid. The owner who contracted for the concrete pouring realized their cement vendor was the culprit and immediately offered to require the contractor to do the cleanup.


  2. Excellent reporting & immediate action. A big thank-you to Gossips.

  3. A remaining question here is: How did the contractor (said by some to be from the Watervliet area) come to pick that particular, sensitive spot for dumping?

    There is historical and anecdotal evidence of others using that area for similar purposes. But if you're not familiar with Hudson, it would seem an unlikely spot to pick. A follow-up question thus might be: How (or by whom?) are people being steered to that location for illicit disposal? Do contractors just drive around and all independently come to the same conclusion -- "Here's a good spot!" -- ?

    --Sam P.

    Note also that at any given time there are other "unofficial" dumps in the County. (I've heard of one sometimes used for C&D waste by contractors wanting to save a few bucks in Greenport.)

  4. Sam--Bonded Concrete is headquartered in Watervliet, but they have a location in Greenport, so this was very likely a local driver.

  5. Thankyou to all... a Community that cares and now takes action!!!

    I believe we will continue to be known for this, and that will really make all the difference.