Saturday, June 9, 2012

And Gossips Wasn't Invited

The sign at "Rick's Point" was unveiled yesterday, in a ceremony attended, it seems, only by City Hall insiders and the Register-Star: "Now it's really Rick's Point." In his speech at the dedication, Mayor William Hallenbeck is quoted as saying, "History will show that Mayor Scalera has the most terms of any mayor of Hudson, but it will also show that Mayor Scalera and his administrations had a huge impact on the landscape of the city of Hudson, especially here at the waterfront." All true; all not necessarily good.


  1. The real point -- and great relief for Hudson -- is that Rick Scalera actually *failed* to put his preferred stamp on the Waterfront.

    Scalera tried to turn back the clock and return the Waterfront to a blighted heavy industrial monstrosity, only without the jobs that used to be associated with such industry.

    He supported in 1998-99 a toxic waste processing plant (to be sited at the Basilica) and from 1999-2005 a massive cement- and coal-loading facility (sprawling over the South Bay and riverbank). When through public participation, ordinary citizens exposed Scalera's sham goals as empty and dangerous, he announced that he was "embarrased" by the people he was elected to serve.

    These Scalera-backed proposals failed only because thousands of citizens mobilized against them, and sustained their fight for a better vision for almost a decade.

    The real point is that despite the low horizons and craven accomodations of "leaders" like Scalera, Hudson's promise still has not been squandered.


  2. It will always be known as 'Dick's Point' and one day a more appropriate sign will need to be installed of a middle finger pointing at all of Hudson.

  3. Well said, Sam. It's easy for one to forget. Also initial funding for the waterfront park and the start of the removal of tanks I believe took place during Ken Cranna's tenure as a result of Hudson's Vision Plan, another effort by the citizens of Hudson which came slowly to the attention of the politicians.