Thursday, June 28, 2012

County Purchase Encounters Another Problem

When the Common Council on Monday passed the resolution accepting the $82,500 settlement with Anthony Concra for back taxes and PILOT payments due on 25 Railroad Avenue, it seemed the only thing left was to get the report on the Phase I environmental study done on Parcel B. At the time, Board of Supervisors Chair Pat Grattan said they were still waiting for it; Alderman Cappy Pierro (Fifth Ward) said it was done. Now it seems there is a problem with that study--not with the results but with the way the contract for $2,500 to do the study was awarded to Morris Associates.

According to a report by Nathan Mayberg in today's Register-Star, Grattan needed a resolution from the Board of Supervisors specifying the amount to be paid for the study before he could enter into a contract with Morris Associates, and such a resolution was never passed on the board: "Supervisors hire firm without resolution."

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