Thursday, June 7, 2012

What's Wrong with this Picture?

In the perfect symmetry that is the facade of City Hall there is now a single, off-center front door.  

Despite architect Michael Davis's offer to look for salvaged wood and glass doors similar to those that appear in this historic picture, despite a recommendation from the Historic Preservation Commission that, at the very least, the door should be centered in the space with filler panels of glass on either side, DPW Superintendent Rob Perry went ahead and had the new door installed at City Hall just the way he'd originally planned to, with little regard for the overall appearance and design of the building. 


  1. Hopefully that is a temporary fix, it looks like crap. It looks like the entrance to a dollar store in Greenport.

  2. What a shame and a missed opportunity.
    This new door will be there for good
    HPC has to be empowered.
    I have never seen anything like this.
    This is our City Hall and in an Historic District.How can HPC have any credibility,say with the issues with Galloway,on the doors on 260 Warren,now?
    Was there any communication,that DPW was just going ahead and procuring and installing that door?Or was that just a note left on Wurster's desk.
    How much did that cost?Does it swing out the legal direction?,because the last one didn't.Did we pay for that from our general fund?

    Now ,I am very concerned for the Columbia Courthouse,if BOS goes on the cheap,and does not let the Architects supervise the contractor's ADA compliance installations, that HPC approved

  3. Sad. Very sad.
    If this were private work, the client would refuse to pay and insist the job be re-done properly.
    We should expect better than this from our public employees.

  4. Shoddy, shoddy, don't they ever listen - why be so bull-headed?
    Beautiful building, tasteless decision - please say it's only temporary.