Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Primary Prep Continued

Sam Pratt made a comment on a previous post that included the link to the Poughkeepsie Journal's coverage of Joel Tyner's press conference this morning in Rhinebeck. Because I put the links to the articles covering the accusations against Tyner by his campaign treasurer and because links in comments are not hyperlinks, I provide the link to the article here so readers can easily access it: "Tyner defends himself against accusations of mishandling campaign funds." 


  1. Schreibman is the candidate to focus on for his intergrity, and reasoned approach to the issues. He's smart and not strident.

  2. Has Schreibman ever been elected to public office? No evidence of him ever doing so can be found on his website.

    Elsewhere it has been stated that the Ulster Democrats lost control of their County Legislature while Schreibman was their chair.

    In addition, articles indicate that Schreibman began a run for Ulster D.A., then dropped out of the race before the primary.

    Meanwhile, Tyner has been elected five times.


  3. Incumbency, in and of itself, is no argument for (re-)election. Voters interested in seeing Gibson being replaced as our House representative need to ask themselves "who can run a cogent, winning campaign against the formidable machine that is the House Republican campaign committee?" While Mr. Tyner has the emotional pull for progressives and liberals, he appears to have a fractured campaign structure that is disastrously shy of funds. Now, we can debate the morals of money and elections but if results are what those who seek to oust Mr. Gibson are after, the calculus seems to become quite simple. This is unfortunate: I personally don't care for Mr. Schreibman's hemming and hawing regarding fracking. On the other hand, I can't abide Mr. Gibson as my congressman. What to do . . . what to do?