Friday, June 15, 2012

An Image from the Past

Walter Ritchie has added a new illustration to his excellent post about the McKinstrys on his blog, An Intimate Portrait of Home. Augustus McKinstry, whose house at 886 Columbia Street was the subject of the post, was the nephew of Robert McKinstry, who with his wife, Sarah, the founder of the Hudson Orphan and Relief Association, lived in the house on the northwest corner of Union and Seventh streets, now the Home for the Aged. Augustus, who was Robert's heir, sold Robert and Sarah's house to the Home for the Aged in 1895. Prior to that, the Home operated in the building shown in this wood engraving that Ritchie discovered recently.

The engraving shows the building on the southeast corner of Union and Fifth streets in 1893. Part of this building was rented by the Home for the Aged from 1883 to 1895 to accommodate its residents. In recent memory this building was known as "Apartments of Distinction." The building is now owned by Eric Galloway and has been vacant and unused for several years.


  1. Thank you Mr. Ritchie What a fascinating post about the McKinstry's An Intimate Portrait of Home. They are a really interesting family.
    The engraving of what the apt.building on 5th and Union looked like is really beautiful.How great to have such detailed historic information on that building now.

    Carole thank-you for posting on your site.
    Your last sentence,has such a familiar ring to it..

    "The building is now owned by Eric Galloway and has been vacant and unused for several years."

  2. Has the gaping hole in the roof ever been repaired after all these years?