Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Galloway Watch Update

Tom Swope, executive director for the Galvan Initiatives Foundation, has informed Gossips that the agenda for tonight's Planning Commission meeting was in error when at listed "4th and State St." as a proposal that would come before the commission tonight. It is in fact the proposal for Fourth and Columbia streets, the "Civic Hudson Project," that will be presented tonight.

At the present time, it is unclear what the status of this project is. On March 29, the Common Council passed a resolution of support for efforts to seek funding and tax credits for the project. The resolution also indicated that "the City will explore further the mutual development of a Memorandum of Understanding delineating the potential agreement between the parties over the next three months." 

In the almost three months since the resolution was passed, there has been no mention of this project in public meetings. The project was part of the Galvan Initiative Foundation's proposal to provide homeless housing for the county in Hudson, but outside of that not a word has been said about it in public. 

On the subject of the space for housing above the future supermarket building at Warren and Fifth streets, Swope, in a comment on this blog, called Gossips' exploration of the possible implications of the project being presented to the Planning Commission by the Lantern Organization "utter claptrap." So I guess we should be reassured by that.

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