Saturday, June 16, 2012

What a Great Parade!

Gossips can't report on today's Hudson Pride Parade because Gossips was part of it. The consensus of opinion, however, is that it was the greatest parade ever!

Peter Jung snapped this picture as Gossips passed, ear trumpet poised to gather news, gossip, rumor, and innuendo while rolling down Warren Street on the back of a 1953 MG. 

Many thanks to Lisa Durfee, who made the banners and was Gossips' wardrobe consultant, to David Petrovsky the owner and driver of Gossips' magnificent conveyance, to the readers who dashed out from the crowd to share gossip, to everyone who worked hard and well to organize the parade, and to all the people who turned out to see and cheer the Hudson Pride Parade.

Gossips is being unabashedly egocentric, but Jamie Trachtenberg has published many more pictures from the parade and subsequent rally at riverfront park on Facebook


  1. Truly the sweetest happiest friendliest parade Hudson has had the honor to host.

    Thank you!

  2. What a wonderful day. Thank you so much to Gossips for participating.

  3. Great photo of Ms. Gossips, David Petrovsky and his wonderful auto!
    Did anyone notice - no fireworks to frighten children, dogs and birds in the trees.