Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Not to Be Missed

Alderman John Friedman (Third Ward) makes a public apology to the members of the Hudson Police Department in today's Register-Star: "MY VIEW: An apology." Friedman apologizes for his use of "intemperate language" but reiterates his criticism of the recently adopted police contract and his concern that the City cannot continue to provide the generous overtime and paid days off that the department now enjoys. 

In a second opinion piece in today's Register-Star, Common Council President Don Moore responds to Bart Delaney's letter to the editor, which supported Police Commissioner Gary Graziano's call for Friedman's resignation from the Police Committee, and explains why he is not going to do what was asked: "MY VIEW: Friedman stays on committee."  


  1. It appears the following will not be accepted by the Register Star in the online public comment thread below Mr. Friedman's apology letter:

    "This [Alderman Friedman's] letter contains the first technical argument ever presented in the Register Star with actual problematic details about the huge HPD budget. Think carefully: the first time that the city's 'newspaper of record' contains details that are not simply positive advertising for the goals of the police union.

    "The only time another story came close was when the Treasurer stated her opposition to the contract on technical grounds (they were not enumerated in the story), which the Mayor promptly dispatched with ad hominem comments that she was 'posturing.' Naturally the rest of the story was about the Mayor's remarks and not the Treasurer's critique, thereby accomplishing the Mayor's immediate goal.

    "An alderman's printed apology should not be the first occasion the public learns the actual details of his and others' arguments concerning the city's budget. We should demand better."

    One footnote I'd like to add in the sanctuary of Gossips provides the only technical details ever offered in the Register Star - and regularly duplicated - concerning the police contract:

    "Under the new contract, any employee hired after Jan. 1, 2012 would pay 15 percent in individual health insurance and HMO coverage or 30 percent for family coverage. Officers would also see no increase in salary for their first two years, a 1.5 percent increase in the third year and a 2 percent increase in the fourth year. A cadet’s base pay is set at $40,002 for 2012. A sergeant’s base pay would start at $60,162.19 and lieutenants would make $67,469.60."

  2. Bravo, Mr Friedman! The real issue here is not his specific comments about the police contract, but rather the fact that he is shining some much-needed light on city business. The good ol boys aren't used to doing things this way.

  3. The Register Star only prints 1/3 of what I write.I feel like Abbey Hoffman or something.
    What's weird,is what they won't print..and I am not talking about curse words..its the content they won't print,but it is so erratic.

    If you take look at last years CITY budget,you will see,where funds were"borrowed" from the HPD,for things like,demo'ing ccClub,a bldg.and land the City does not own.
    Where they "borrow" this money is not from salaries.It's from monies and grants for things like community out reach.For instance HPD gets grant money like this:

    The City of Hudson Police Department has been awarded a grant in
    the amount of $1,927.00 from the State of New York Governor’s Traffic Safety
    Committee (Grant Contract Number buny-2012-Hudson city PD-00308-(011) to
    participate in the statewide “BUCKLE UP NEWYORK” campaign. Effective Date:
    October 1, 2011- September 30, 2012.
    the City of Hudson Police Department has been awarded a grant in
    the amount of $3,000.00 from the State of New York Governor’s Traffic Safety
    Committee (Grant Contract Number CPS-2012-Hudson City PD-00279-(011) to
    participate in the statewide “Child Passenger Safety” program. Effective Date: October 1,
    2011-September 30, 2012.
    the City of Hudson Police Department has been awarded a grant in
    the amount of $3,760.00 from the State of New York Governor’s Traffic Safety
    Committee (Grant Contract Number STEP-2012-Hudson City PD-00332-(011) to
    participate in the statewide “Selective Traffic Enforcement Program”. Effective Date:
    October 1, 2011- September 30, 2012.

    I am not saying that this money was dipped into in paticular,but are these programs in effect right now?
    Money has been "lent out"
    from similar programs,in the HPD
    Has it been returned?
    Line by Line
    the Budget for this Whole City needs looked at.
    ITs a small City,
    so its not some immpossible feat.

    Nothing personal,it's just our taxes and our quality of life.

  4. Good questions Prison.

    I suspect that Eileen Halloran can answer those questions. And when she answers honestly, she can probably expect to be called names.

  5. It looks like I owe the Register Star an apology.

    My comment which Gossips was gracious enough to post above has at last appeared (sans footnote) in the online edition of the newspaper.

    1. Maybe ,someone from Register Star ,reads Gossips?

    2. For the good of the city, let's hope they do.

  6. Eileen Halloran, city treasurer, asked me to post this comment for her:

    Prison and Unheimlich: I am happy to answer any and all questions about the budget or spending issues. I encourage you to come to the Finance Committee meetings or come to my office. I will spend as much time as you want to spend.

    Prison: I don't know exactly what you're asking here, but I'm sure you could make it clear if we spoke directly.

  7. I have always found our City Treasurer to be forthcoming, clear, courteous and curious about lots of things. Thank you Eileen.

  8. Ms.Halloran,
    I appreciate your response,and yes I'd like to talk to you ,at your convenience.
    I will call your office to make an appointment.