Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tomorrow Morning at the HPC

As required by open meetings law, the Historic Preservation Commission has published the agenda for its meeting on Friday, June 8, at 10 a.m. Seven applications for certificates of appropriateness will come before them, five of which are from the Galvan Initiatives Foundation.

900 Columbia Street  Although the HPC already granted a certificate of appropriateness to the proposal to move this historic house, Tom Swope, executive director for Galvan Initiatives, will be presenting supporting documents and photos not presented at the previous meeting.

Robert Taylor House  At its last meeting, the HPC denied a certificate of appropriateness to the proposal to move this historic house, believed by some to be the oldest surviving house in Hudson, on the grounds that the application was incomplete. So Swope will be back tomorrow with a new and presumably complete application. 

The Hudson Arcade  Swope will be presenting a design, revised after the workshop session May 18, for this building, which Galvan Initiatives intends to lease to Filli's Fresh Market. 

67-71 North Fifth Street Swope will present the plans to the restore/renovate the exteriors of these much abused houses, sometimes called the "Armory houses."

102-104 Union Street  Two more houses were proposed to be built on this corner, behind the two facing Union Street that are nearing completion and now for rent. Tomorrow, however, Swope will be seeking a certificate of appropriateness for a fence at First Street and Cherry Alley. Have they decided to postpone building the two houses facing First Street?     


  1. No doubt there will be some architectural quibbles with the design, but for me that arcade at 5th & Warren is a huge improvement on that crummy building that occupies the space at present. It has been empty for years, and looks like an abandoned Stewart's convenience store.

  2. Yes but there should be a hotel in the plans since the B&Bs are being priced out by an erroneous assessment coding.

  3. The original hotel plan was welcomed with a resounding YES from all aspects of the community.

    Fillis Fresh Market could be in the ground floor commercial space.

  4. I would like to see a resounding apology and correction made by assessors/City,and return B&B's to their original and proper residential assessment coding.