Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dining Diversity

Taste of India, which is believed to be part of the "food truck enclave" planned for 347 Warren Street, is making a debut appearance in the parking lot of the alcohol emporium on Green Street. In addition to a few popular Indian items--beef vindaloo, vegetable curry, vegetable samosas, and onion pakoras--the menu includes the more American fare sometimes offered at local Chinese restaurants.     


  1. And what a parking lot it is !
    I'm sure the beer store will always need parking for 60 cars.

  2. Hopefully the Beer Store carries Singha! But beware those open container laws, folks!
    I always thought Hudson needs a proper Indian restaurant, and the efforts at the Hudson supermarket in the past, together with the Indian fabric store on Warren and now this, are very encouraging. Maybe one day Green Street will be known as Brick Lane!
    The spirit of entrepreneurialism is alive and well in Hudson.
    It would be great to see a Greek restaurant, a Lebanese restaurant and, maybe one day, a Moroccan or Vietnamese restaurant. Did I forget to mention Thai? And I'd love to see a Soul Food restaurant, as a nod to the Jamaican lady who serves the best damn chicken and midnight patties on the planet!

  3. Lillie K Traders on Warren Street serves excellent Indian street food & salads, as well as both English and Indian High Tea, also excellent, every Thursday - Sunday afternoon. They did a beautiful job hosting & catering an event for my husband and me. Highly recommended.

  4. The food served at "Taste of India" is actually quite good and rather inexpensive. I highly recommend the vegetable samosa and onion pakora.

    May I suggest a crisp hard cider to complement the Indian delicacies offered at Taste of India? Several varieties are to be easily obtained across the parking lot at the "Fine Wine and Liquor" store.

    My experiences at this beer and liquor emporium have always been quite pleasant, despite the excessive signage and vast expanse of parking lot. The staff is always courteous, friendly and helpful (which is more than can be said about a number of shop owners on Warren Street), the selection is varied and the wines and liquors are offered at affordable prices.

    Just putting in my two parathas......