Saturday, August 11, 2012

Boys Will Be Boys

Remember back in 2003 when Rick Scalera stole the Bottom Line Party from Linda Mussmann? 

Well, Ward Hamilton seems to have done something similar to me. He has commandeered the title The Gossips of Rivertown. He registered the domain name, so if you try to reach Gossips using, it takes you to his website! So, remember, the real URL for Gossips is:


  1. So not only is he a pathological liar, now he's also a thief. Got it.

  2. Wish you had of grabbed that url for yourself. There are some low lifes out there bottom feeding on other hard earned efforts and rewards. I hope his action work opposite to his desires. But, take it as a compliment. Note: don't use Ward Hamilton!

  3. A juvenile stunt?! Opportunism, more like.

    By his own admission it was "smart marketing," not unlike telemarketing or spamming. Part of a business model.

  4. Galloway is getting a bit bothered by your site so now his shills are sent out to disenfranchise you.