Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hudson in 1905: Part 4

The following is an excerpt from the booklet Illustrated Hudson, N.Y., published in 1905.

DOWNING & BOGARDUS--Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Hay, Straw, Grain, Flour, Feed, Salt, Plaster, Etc. Franklin Square. (At the river.) Identified with the business life of Hudson for the past eleven years has been the firm of Messrs. Downing & Bogardus, the members of which are D. B. Downing and A. F. Bogardus. The business, which is the largest of its kind in the city, is in a position to handle orders of any quantity. Receiving in carload and shipload lots from the mills and producers, they are therefore able to save their customers time and money. A large stock  is carried at all times, and their five-story building has ample storage capacity to hold and facilitate the rapid handling of goods. Messrs. Downing and Bogardus are business men who believe in building up a patronage that will stand by them, and are therefore able to quote prices to their customers wherein it is of advantage to them to trade here.

Franklin Square today

The large building at the center of this historic photo may be Downing & Bogardus


  1. Carole, the old City maps show Franklin Square on the other side of the train tracks, about where the southern most Terrace parking lot is.

    David Marston.

    1. You're right, David, but I seem to recall reading or being told that Franklin Square, or what was called Franklin Square, existed on both sides of the railroad tracks. So since this booklet makes a point of saying "At the river" rather than making any mention of South Front Street, which is the case with many addresses and locations given in the 1905 Hudson directory, I figured this five-story warehouse was on the west side of the tracks, where it could easily accept those deliveries by the carload and the shipload.

  2. The house in the background-center-looks like Jeremiah Rusconi's 2nd floor windows.

  3. You're right, Ruth. I believe the gap between the buildings is Ferry Street, so what appears in the background in the gap would be buildings on South Front Street.