Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Meeting Reminder

Today at 5 p.m. the Finance Committee of the Board of Supervisors meets to consider the proposed lease between Columbia County and the Galvan Initiatives Foundation for a homeless shelter in Hudson. The meeting takes place at 401 State Street.


  1. Say YES to truly helping the less fortunate by saying NO to the Privatization of Social Services!

  2. In the past, grant fund deadlines have fueled urgency on Galvan projects (Galvan's own urgency, then thrust upon the public). Does anyone know of deadlines relating to this project, or other such reasons that could be cause for the rush?

  3. DSS-the County paid out many Millions of dollars to Anthony Concra over the 20 yrs to lease 25 RR.
    as He had 20 yr PILOT for 25 RR ,so no property tax collected by Hudson.The minute that PILOT ran out,the property was reacessed to over a million and he had to start to pay property taxes, so Concra sold 25 Railroad to DSS for over a million.Columbia County/ Hudson Economics.~Learn nothing~
    The County has no business making short or long term leases with our tax dollars with anyone,especially GalVan.

  4. Columbia County's rush to save money on providing housing and services to the homeless by privatizing services to Galvan could be premature. I wrote in a related post that the Affordable Care Act, if not dismantled by a new Republican President, is providing a great deal of money to local and state governments -- including NYS -- to eliminate chronic homelesssness through the community health care system and homeless health care system. In fact, HELP/PSI, started by Andrew Cuomo when he was just Andrew, has received a major grant. I could be wrong but I don't believe Columbia County has a federally qualified health center but I think Greene County does. This is all to say, is anyone at the County level talking to potential partners or gleaning what community health centers are doing in reference to these grants, especially rural community health care centers? The Health Department must be doing that, yes? Or, is it all about giving the key to the City of Hudson to Eric Galloway and figuring Galvan and the MHA can fix it all? Why isn't MHA eyeing the SAMHSA/HERSA ACA grants for the future -- not for Galvan but for MHA? Why can't all this wait until the federal election is over? The election results do have an effect down the road on funding to states and, hence, local governments and the nonprofits they fund. Columbia County could end up in deeper fiscal trouble come November and have to rethink everything. Table it!

  5. Why is the County considering entering into a contract with Galvan Init. Foundation which has one asset, the library (an illiquid building) and serves as a pass-through of money from the Henry van Ameringen Foundation?

    Would any sane, rational county enter into a contract with a party with no liquid assets? Are our leaders just really stupid?