Monday, August 6, 2012

Opposition to Galvan Quarters

Various members of the Board of Supervisors Human Services Committee said more than once that the plan for a homeless shelter at State and Seventh street was ultimately "the City of Hudson's decision," but, as the plan moved relentlessly forward, getting approval from one county committee after another, Hudson residents wondered when their turn would come to voice their concerns much less make the decision. When it was learned on July 26 that a public forum was being planned for sometime in late September even though the Board of Supervisors was scheduled to vote on the proposal on August 8, the public drew the obvious conclusion that the public forum would be more about selling a fait accompli than seeking public input. Members of the public decided to start the conversation even if their opinions had not been solicited. The public discussion started at last Thursday's Common Council Economic Development Committee meeting, and it is promised to continue at the informal Council meeting on Monday, August 13. In the meantime, the lease between the county and the Galvan Initiatives Foundation will be considered by the Board of Supervisors Finance Committee tomorrow at 5 p.m. and by the full Board of Supervisors on Wednesday, August 8.

The call is out for the people of Hudson to make their opinions known about the plan being proposed by Galvan, which seems to change with alarming regularity. Yesterday, Victor Mendolia distributed a notice, which was posted as a comment on this blog, urging everyone with concerns about the proposal to attend the Finance Committee meeting on Tuesday, August 7, at 5 p.m., and the meeting of the full Board of Supervisors on Wednesday, August 8, at 7:30 p.m. Both meetings take place at 401 State Street. Mendolia's message ends with this appeal: "A strong showing of concerned citizens at these meetings is imperative. Please make every effort to attend."

It has also been suggested that people express their concerns, before a vote is taken on Wednesday, to Pat Grattan, the chairman of the Board of Supervisors, by email or phone: (518) 784-2527 or (518) 784-2507. 

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  1. I encourage everyone to call or write to Grattan. Be as nice or as direct as you choose.

    It is time for a haiku:

    Can a vampire fog
    Mirrors? Pose for a picture?
    Have a happy soul?