Monday, August 20, 2012

Not to Be Missed

Scott Baldinger comments on some of Hudson's newest business establishments on his blog, Word on the Street: "George Hath Come, etc." All good news. I'm only sorry LOAF is changing its name.


  1. I agree. LOAF is so much cosier and so well-known by now. The other is too fancy-smancy.

  2. correction: half of LOAF bakery (the bread half) is moving up to 738 Warren Strreet. The other HALF of LOAF bakery (pastry half) is happily staying at SWALLOW and selling pastries and sandwiches at the coffee counter, and will be changing its name to UNION STREET PASTRY WORKS. Some ( formeertly LOAF) pastries will be available through the new Bonfiglio&bread storefront.....just to clear things up

  3. Thank you Carole for you constant support of LOAF. I am sorry that we are changing the name. Though LOAF is easier to remember and rolls of your tongue, our business is changing from within and overall. Bonfiglio is my middle name and just means good son and was my grandfathers name. It is this cultural heritage that has given Rachel and me the drive to produce the kind of quality hand made product that we do. I dont consider it to be "fancy smancy". I consider it to be very personal. It has been our company name since the start of LOAF. Forgetting the name change, we will be serving the same high quality breads and food items, while expanding our menu with breakfast fare and more lunch options. We will also be open earlier and more often ( 6 days a week). We could not do what we do without the amazing support of the local community. Our name change has nothing to do with alienating our customers. We bake everyday to provide Hudsonians with the highest quality baked goods and food at an affordable price. This motto will not change with the name. We hope that though we are changing our name that the local support will not change. You will also be able to find Sissy Onet's fantastic baked goods at the Swallow coffee counter under the new name Union St. Pastry Works. Thank you again for your continued support.
    Bonfiglio & Bread Ltd.
    formerly LOAF Bakery

  4. Good luck to Sissy, Gaby and Rachel. Bring it on. Can't wait!