Monday, August 27, 2012

Scenic Hudson Weighs In

Scenic Hudson has weighed in on the issue of Ferry Road in Stuyvesant. In an email blast distributed this afternoon, Scenic Hudson states its position: 
Scenic Hudson and the Town of Stuyvesant agree that the DOT should not close Ferry Road (the "No Action Alternative"). There have been no collisions between trains and other vehicles at this intersection. In addition, the other options are costly (up to $30 million) and would impose unnecessary impacts to wetlands, floodplains, and historic and archaeological resources, and also require the taking of private property.
If the DOT concludes that steps must be taken at the intersection, Scenic Hudson recommends Alternative 2--installation of a traffic signal. This relatively low-cost ($333,000) option would maintain river access at Ferry Road and have no environmental, historic, or archaeological impact.
The Department of Transportation will be seeking public input on the seven alternatives on Thursday night at 6 p.m. at Stuyvesant Town Hall.

Photo contributed by John Hutchison

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