Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Maybe This, Maybe That

Tom Casey and Nathan Mayberg team up to get a bead on Galvan's morphing proposal to provide shelter for the homeless of Columbia County in Hudson: "Homeless housing plans change." 

The new plan proposes creating 44 units in these buildings at the corner of State and Seventh streets, which, according to the math in the Casey and Mayberg's article, adds seven units of permanent supportive housing to this building on "a third floor"--that's seven of the 34 units of permanent supportive housing that were supposed to be in the Civic Hudson at Columbia and Fourth streets. Galvan Foundation Project Coordinator Daniel Kent--a relatively new name on the Galvan team roster--seems to imply that the remaining 27 units and more could be developed in properties owned by Galvan throughout the city. Kent is quoted as saying, "There are a lot of options." 

Since the project has changed, the new proposal will have to repeat the process of review and approval by Board of Supervisors committees. The full board was expected to vote on the proposal next Wednesday, August 8. It remains to be seen if special meetings of the committees will be called to keep the vote on schedule, or if it will be postponed until September.

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  1. Are architectual drawings available for this proposed government housing project? I'd love to see them. (Oh, I know, Peter Meyer, I couldn't possibly get to see drawings since as you claim I am a) hiding behind a made-up name (heavens!) and b) NEW TO HUDSON (egads! how dare a newbie speak up!)--- so no one knows whom to reach out to). But moving on....

    The project must comply with the ADA. There must be an accessible elevator. There must be accessible bathrooms and living spaces. There must be accessible doorways and ramps. Has the architect complied with the ADA? I'd like to know.

    The front building is a gorgeous old ruin. How will it be retrofitted in compliance with historic principles while accomplishing the goal of housing 44 single adults? The rear building doesn't seem to offer much in the way of rooms and living spaces. Will it be a drab ground floor dorm of sorts?

    What the hell is this?

    Don Moore must really have his head up his *** for supporting this fiasco. And it is very clear that the Mayor is just an errand boy for Scalera.

    There is no plan for parking. Will the residents walk to a job? To a grocery store with eggs, milk, meat and fresh produce? Is there a fabulous bus that runs up State Street every half hour that will allow the residents to get to jobs at Walmart and to grocery shopping at Shop Rite?

    Oh, I guess the residents can hoof it.....Will these homeless single adults be offered jobs at the Crimson Sparrow? Will they buy their groceries at Olde Hudson? Their shampoo at Casa Urbana? Their towels at Rural Residence?

    This plan is ill-conceived and poorly thought through. It is very obvious to me that people with power and influence in the County and in the City of Hudson are getting paid off, directly or indirectly.

    I urge everyone to grab their alderpeople and supervisors by the ears and get them to listen. Better yet, contact the IRS, the New York Department of State and the AG's office in Albany and demand that they look into the finances of Galvan Init. Foundation, Galvan LLC, the Lantern Group, and Scalera, van A. and Galloway personally.