Monday, August 13, 2012

Meeting Reminder

Tonight at the informal Common Council meeting, Council president Don Moore has agreed to entertain discussion of the proposed Galvan Quarters at State and Seventh streets. The latest fact sheet about this facility, dated August 3, 2012, is on the Galvan Foundation website. According to the current plan, the proposed facility will have 19 SRO units for use as Tier I housing and 18 studio units for use as Tier II housing. According to the latest available information, there are currently 25 homeless adults in Columbia County. According to Paul Mossman, commissioner for social services in Columbia County, this facility will reduce the cost of housing homeless adults from $2,200 a month per person to $1,900 a month per person.

The informal Common Council meeting begins tonight at 7 p.m. at City Hall.


  1. What exactly were these homeless people getting for $2,200 a month, which will be dropping to ONLY $1,900? Is food & clothing included in those numbers? Just seems unbelievable it costs so much just to house somebody in Columbia County.
    Sounds like NYC pricing for a small studio.

  2. I see that Galvan proposes a shelter for under 20 bed. That is purposeful: at 19 beds Galvan avoids the New York State regulation definition of what constitutes a basic shelter for adults.