Saturday, August 18, 2012

News About Parking

Tom Casey has a wrap-up in today's Register-Star about City Hall's plans for parking in Hudson: "City plans for more parking spaces." What's in store? New spaces on Columbia Street beside the Olympic Torch Memorial, parking meters in the 300 block of Warren Street, and maybe meters in the 200 block of Warren Street as well. 

On the topic of parking meters below Third Street, the article reports that Mayor William Hallenbeck "hasn't spoken with the residents of those neighborhoods yet but believes it would be a positive thing for the 200 block and its businesses." Wouldn't it have been better if the mayor had talked with the residents before they read about it the newspaper? The article goes on to quote the mayor further on the topic of parking meters: "'I think everyone wouldn't argue that the city is in a position to create some revenue streams. . . . This is a way to have that consideration. Also, it is the business district and meters do help prevent taking up spaces . . . meters could be a benefit to businesses in regard to someone doing business in a timely manner and then moving to free that spot up for others.'"

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