Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Galloway Gallery: Exhibit 28

It recently came to Gossips' attention that the Galloway Gallery was missing a few exhibits. The most recent acquisition--213 Union Street--had been added to the gallery, but there were a few others that had escaped Gossips' notice. A little time spent with the eight pages in the tax rolls taken up by properties owned by Eric Galloway and Galvan Partners uncovered what had been missed. So today, we resume the Galloway Gallery with two houses on North Fifth Street: 70 and 72.

70 North Fifth Street

72 North Fifth Street
The two houses, which are attached, are directly across the street from the much discussed 67-71 North Fifth Street--the larger of the two Armory houses. Galvan Partners acquired the two houses in October 2011. Since they already have columns and Greek Revival door surrounds, one hopes they can be restored exactly as they are.          

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