Saturday, August 4, 2012

More New Signage on Warren Street

The Savoia has a whole new batch of signs along the fence separating its outdoor lounge from the sidewalk. The new signs warn against loitering.

When the bar opened its outdoor space, there were simple signs asking patrons please not to take drinks off the premises. At the beginning of this year's outdoor season, those signs were augmented by more detailed signs explaining the penalties for taking drinks off the premises, urging patrons to keep noise to a minimum, and warning against loitering. The new signs, which appeared recently, carry the warning: "No Loitering on Sidewalk--Police Take Notice."

The escalation of sign messages suggests an attempt to prevent the return of the bad old days when the Savoia, then located in the building next to LICK, was often the scene of incidents that disturbed the peace. The most recent signs seem to be a response to an incident that took place at the new Savoia at 2 a.m. on Sunday morning, July 8, and was witnessed by a Gossips reader who lives in the vicinity. According to the reader's report, there was a brawl in front of the Savoia that involved close to a hundred people and brought out two Hudson police cars, two county sheriff's department cars, and two state police cars. But through it all, the bar never closed.


  1. I have asked a lot about signage in a Designated Historic District in Hudson.Another question I have is ,is there no certificate of appropriateness necessary for erecting fences facing or being seen from the street?There seems to be a lot of really ugly fences cropping up all over the Designated Historic District in Hudson.Savoy's being one of many.

  2. We were out of town for the brawl on the 8th, but in general the Savoia noise has been less bothersome than it was last summer.