Friday, August 31, 2012

The Fate of Ferry Road

The Department of Transportation held a meeting last night to hear public input on its seven alternative ways to deal with the Ferry Road crossing over the railroad tracks in Stuyvesant. Barbara Reina has the story in today's Register-Star"DOT gets input on crossing's future." 

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  1. I attended the meeting last night in Stuyvesant, and there was a great turn-out. Town Hall was packed. NYSDOT gave everyone two "votes," to select which of the seven options they preferred. We were told that DOT would whittle the list of 7 down to 2 or 3, and return to present them in November. Alternative #7 - closing Ferry Road, eliminating Stuyvesant's only public river access, and seizing the 5 houses there and tearing them down - received not one vote. Will DOT now take #7 off the table? I asked each of the DOT personnel this directly, but I did not get a straight answer from any one of them. I guess we'll find out in November what their assessment of our "input" amounts to.

    John Hutchinson